Pre-Departure Briefing

When you are moving to a new country, there are many practical things to consider. Our trained and experienced counsellors run several pre-departure briefing sessions to orientate you to your study destination. These sessions collaborate with the universities enabling you to connect with the university and your future university mates. We also put you in touch with the university to access more practical support & information.

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Getting Prepared

•  Important Documents  •  Arrival Info  •  Accommodation

Travel Tips

•  Flight Booking•  Local Travel  •  Immigration Checks

Abroad life

•  Culture Shock •  Home Sickness •  Food & Lifestyle

Support & Well-Being

• Vaccinations & Examinations• Health & Travel Insurance
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Packing Tips

•  Prohibited Items •  Luggage Restrictions•  Necessary Purchases


•  Cellphones & Sim Cards•  Emergency Protocol

Banking & Foreign Exchange

•  Currency Rate   Local Account Opening•  Basic Expenses


•  Meeting Locals•  Clubs & Volunteer Org.•  Being Self Dependent

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