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8 Weeks of educational conversations, we believe in making the sessions full of knowledge. We have taken the learning experience to another level by making it Live, Interactive, and fun IELTS sessions . Discuss your problems with the tutor, access the IELTS coaching class from any location, and learn from the best!

Practice Makes You Better

You can practice all that you want! Get access to 20+ IELTS practice materials and work towards training yourself harder. Boost your skills and get a real-time experience of the IELTS test. These practice materials will teach you few important elements: Time Management, Skill Enhancement, and Problem-Solving Skills.

Evaluations & Track Progress

It is easier to learn when you know exactly where you need to practice more. IELTS Online Coaching provides 5 test evaluations, which you can refer to at a later stage and understand the ‘rights and wrongs’ you made in the test. From there, you can practice more on those factors.

Record. Watch. Learn

We can learn a great deal of things just by watching! We understand that at times you might be busy with work or studies. Keeping this in mind, we have pre-recorded learning sessions so that you can watch and learn at your convenience. You can get access to 15 days of recorded videos so that you can learn at a later stage!

Course Structure

Get an overview of the course structure of all the four modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
The question types in each of the modules are unique and you can expect to learn about them here. The best and most important part of this
course is that we provide practice material for each and every question type.









Sentence Completion + Short Answer

Learn To Know How to Maintain The Pace In Listening and Finding Answer In MCQs

Notes/Summary/Labelling Diagram/ Flowchart/ Table Completion

Learn The Skill of Classification And Matching In Listening


Deep Analysis on Listening to The Audio And Solving Notes/Summary/Labelling Diagram/ Flowchart/ Table Completion

Detailed Analysis on Fill-Ups and How To Solve The Short Answer Questions

Classification + Matching

Find Out What You Will Gain

A multi-functional platform that will give you access to online IELTS coaching,
practice material, doubt-solving sessions, unlimited learning videos, and much more!
All this is to make sure that you get all the information in a single place.
There is a lot that you will learn through this IELTS online Coaching, starting with:

Understand Your Basics

Basics are the core to learn anything. You may be knowing the basics of IELTS but there is no harm in refreshing them again. It just makes your concepts clearer and stronger. Once this is done, it becomes much easier to understand the questions and the task requirements. Learn about the test format, delivery methods, scoring guidelines, study methods, tips and much more!

Screen-Sharing with the Tutor

What is Live and Interactive if you haven’t had a near-to-real classroom experience? This allows you to see the tutor’s screen and make notes of the learning materials. This way you can see the practice questions, polish your knowledge through videos, view the study plans, and get authentic feedback.

Know Yourself Better

The entire motive of IELTS coaching is to teach and prepare you to be better at this. By doing this, we are indirectly also making you better at learning patience, skills , and identifying your mistakes. Mistakes related to each module – Listening, Reading Writing, and Speaking. This way we will work on your weak points to make you better and enhance your skills.

Believe in the Process

It is important to be prepared and well-informed. If you have taken the test earlier or new test-taker, this information benefits you all! Learn and understand the IELTS test format and the registration process on the test day. Also, learn about all four modules and the test schedule. Understand your problems, work on strengthening them, and receive specified solutions for all your concern areas.

Paper or Computer

Most of you are aware that IELTS can be given in two versions: Paper-Based and Computer-Based. The only difference between them is the delivery method of the IELTS test. Computer-Based IELTS is very new to most and still needs much more clarity and practice. Here you will get to practice IELTS in both these versions. The choice is Yours!

Best of Both Worlds

IELTS test is available in two variants, Academic and General. IELTS Academic is to pursue higher education and IELTS General is for migration and work purposes. Learn about both these variants and choose the one best suitable for your needs. Also, the practice material is different for both these variants and we provide material specially designed to meet your needs!

Do You Have Any Questions?
Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

IELTS Tutorials is a platform/ an online portal that provides support and guidance to candidates all over the world in the form of online coaching classes. The faculties are certified and give training for all the four modules in both, General and Academic Test. Also, access the Real Experience of IELTS Test, Writing Correction Services, and Question Bank.

Before starting the academic classes, we conduct a small technical orientation training where we explain about tools and troubleshooting as well as make sure that your system is working fine and there will not be any problem during the live session. If a student faces a technical problem, he/ she can just message to the administrator (contact details of the administrator will be available to the student), and the administrator will then help in resolving the technical issue.

As this is an online portal and candidates join from all over the world, we have tried to keep the process as simple as possible. There are three simple steps: Book Now, Log In, and Join Class. Enter your module type, time, and start date. And Click on Book Now. Then put in your Log In details and Join Class.

IELTS Tutorials Online Group Coaching is available for every candidate who wants to live, work, or study overseas. We provide classes for both, IELTS General and Academics. Also, anyone from all over the globe can join the classes as we have students from multiple countries.

We understand that at times it is difficult to attend a session. So, all the classes are recorded, and you can access the recorded class on a later time as per your convenience. But it is recommended to complete the missed session before your next one.

As the faculties have classes lined up one after the another, it is difficult to cater after session ends. Also, just like Offline classes, the faculties are not available till their next session. So, it is advisable to keep your queries handy till your next online group coaching class.

Every candidate needs to have:
    Stable Internet Connection
    Book, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener <>Good Microphone for Listening and Speaking Undisturbed Environment

Every student is different from one another. Few require coaching in all the modules, while others require only focused coaching on a particular module. This is where the need for personalized coaching got introduced. Many students find personalized coaching favorable as they feel comfort level in communicating with their tutor and receive undivided attention from them. This helps them concentrate on the training and work harder.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a Confirmation mail. This mail will consist of confirmation to your registration and login details or steps to join the class.