Computer-Based IELTS Test


Computer-Based IELTS: The New Trend

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Computer-Based IELTS has made a difference!

It is always great to move along with the changing trends.
In December 2017, IELTS came up with Computer-Based IELTS which they first launched in Australia. Soon, it was widely appreciated and welcomed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Just like Paper-based IELTS, this too is available in two versions (Academic and General Training).

Today, it has grown to roughly 3.5 million students each year! So three cheers to all of us!!

IELTS Structure

The most significant aspect of the Computer-Based IELTS Test is that all the four modules –Listening, Reading, Writing,
and Speaking are conducted on the very same day.









Let’s Face It: Benefits, Myths, and Facts


Can highlight the text and take notes

Basic active features like Copy-Paste, Click-Drag

Word Count option that counts the words for you

Less crowded test centers with various test dates

Results are available within 5-7 days


Computer-Based is difficult than Paper-Based IELTS test

Test format is different for both Paper and Computer IELTS

Speaking test is taken before or after the day of the test

Grammar and spelling check option is available

Take notes only on computer and paper is not given


Only 2 minutes given after Listening Test to check answers

Computer Screen ends as soon as the time is up

All answers are on ‘Auto-save’, no need to ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’

Question types are same in Paper & Computer-based IELTS

Limited applicants are allowed to take the test in one slot

IELTS Test Availability

The Computer-Based IELTS test gives countless options to book the test date.
Also, just like paper-based IELTS, there are separate test dates for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests.
You can choose from 1-3 time slots each day with nearly 30 test dates.

How to Book a Paper-Based IELTS Test

Log on and Register

Choose from IELTS Academic or General

Select the Preferred Test Location, Date, and Time

Fill up the Personal Details and Passport Scan Document

Pay the Fees


No. The only difference between the two is the delivery of the test. You can either give on paper or computer, rest everything remains the same. The content, modules, question types, assessment criteria; all remain the same.

Yes, for sure. If you right-click on the word or sentence, you will be able to highlight the text. Also, if you want to take notes, the center will provide you with a paper and pen/pencil.

No. You will be given only 2 minutes to check the answers at the end of the test. There won’t be any additional transfer time given as Paper-based IELTS.

No. If you have taken sufficient practice tests and are familiar with computers, then you will definitely like the Computer-Based IELTS test. Most importantly, you need to have good enough practice to get used to the test day.